Seto (tehseto) wrote,

pkmncollectors Spring Secret Swap wishlist/guide

Hi there! This post is for my SSS gifter to get a better idea of what I already have in my collections and some small items that I'm looking for. Feel free to surprise me with anything not listed- this is just a post for some suggestions. There are so many items out there that I'm not aware of, haha.

Snivy - Servine - Serperior
(my main collection)

what I have:

some things I'm after:

Snivy Banpresto attack keychain
(image credit)

Snivy & Hilda Undella Town keychain (top left)

Snivy TY plush
(image credit)

Snivy Korotto Manmaru plush
(image credit)

Snivy Trainer's Choice plush

Snivy coin purse
(image credit)

Snivy type focus charm
(image credit)

Serperior Tomy

Serperior bottlecap figure

Serperior DX kid figure
(image credit)

Snivy line zukan
(image credit)


what I have:

some things I'm after:

Jigglypuff Pokemon Market plush keychain

Jigglypuff Pokeneko Dolce plush keychain

Jigglypuff Mocchi-Mocchi plush (Feb 2017 release)


what I have:

some things I'm after:

Lunala Tomy keychain

Lunala Bandai Plastic Model Collection poseable figure

Lunala Sun/Moon preorder figure


what I have:

some things I'm after:

Mew bottlecap figure

Mew Mokomoko plush

I ♥ Mew plush (any)

Blaziken - Mega Blaziken

what I have:

some things I'm after:

Mega Blaziken Ichiban Kuji figure

other members of my main team
(I only have one or two items each of these Pokemon)

what I have:

PC Pumpkaboo plush
TOMY Pumpkaboo plush
Whimsicott kid and fairy ippai figure
Noivern kid and Tomy

some things I'm after:

Pumpkaboo kid

Pumpkaboo Tomy

other items of interest:

Secret Teams Pikachu Team Magma plush

any Secret Teams Pikachu rubber straps
(Team Magma is my biggest want of the group)

Colress full art card (English)

Maxie full art card (English)

Thanks so much for looking and for being my gifter! c:
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